XPS Request

XPS Request Form


All samples MUST be DRY and stored (recommended) in a 1.5mL plastic centrifuge tube.
Powder samples: minimal 50 mg or enough to cover 6x6 mm area.
Coating samples:: minimal size 6x6 mm (upto 10x10 mm) and clearly mark/label the back (none tested) side.
Samples will not be returned. (Please inform us if samples are required to be returned.)
Due to current XPS status, a subcontract service is used. For five(5) samples and more, samples will be sent out on the day of submission, otherwise on 15th and 30th of each month until further notice. Please ensure to complete the form prior to submission! Thank you.

User info

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Account info

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Request & Sample info

(samples have to be dried prior to submission)
(if different elements are required for different samples, please attach a sample list)
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Maximum upload size: 52.22MB
IMPORTANT: Must include sample name, description, hazardous?, elements of interest in the attached list. Must be excel compatible format (*.xlsx, .csv, .txt).


We handle samples with care and undertake the requested services to our best knowledge and ability. However, we are not liable for any circumstantial loss or damage of samples.
(by selecting Yes, the user accepts the above conditions and has received approval from the account holder for the service. Otherwise, please contact us.)