Soils Services

TrACEES Soil node has a strong capability in Soils research and testing and offers a range of services, including nutrients, stable isotopes, total carbon & nitrogen, etc. The laboratory is accredited with ASPAC (Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council) certificate.

Below is the pathway on how to access this service:

Step 1

User downloads a Soil node Job Sheet (click here).

Step 2

User completes the Job Sheet and submits analytical request (click here).
<Note: both Job Sheet (word or pdf) and Sample list (excel format) shall be uploaded>

Step 3

TrACEES staff reviews and confirms the cost via email.

Step 4

User delivers the samples together with a hard copy of the Job Sheet.

Step 5

TrACEES commences the analysis once the samples received.

Step 7

TrACEES delivers the testing results.

Step 8

Internal charge-out or invoice will be organised by TrACEES at the completion of the service.