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An hourly rate for the data acquisition and analysis will be applied. Upon the request submission, an estimated total time and cost for the service will be emailed to the user.
Sample analysis type:
X-ray computed tomography using the GE Nanotom M microCT scanner.
Data handling:
Data < 15Gb will be provided on a new flash drive free of charge. Larger data volumes require an external hard drive provided by us and will be costed at sales price. Data transfer through the cloud is possible as well.

Publication of data

Where analysis of data exceeding 3 hours has been undertaken relying on the expertise of the scientist operating the micro-CT software co-authorship on papers is preferred. If co-authorship is agreed upon, the research contribution will be considered in-kind. Publications should include an acknowledgment statement for the TrACEES platform.


We handle samples with care and undertake the requested services to our best knowledge and ability. However, we are not liable for any circumstantial loss or damage of samples.
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