Another Successful Workshop


The 2018 TrACEES Micro-CT Workshop was held in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne on the 7th of November with around 60 attendees from 10 different institutes in attendance for a morning of science talks and discussion revolving around the collection and analysis of micro-CT data. The event exhibited research from scientists of various scientific disciplines ranging from Biology, Earth Sciences, Environmental and Materials Engineering. The talks included an overview of the technique and recent advancements in multimodal digital analysis by Dr. Jay Black. Dr. Christy Hipsley gave two talks, giving an overview of the history of x-ray analysis and the use of micro-CT imaging for digitising museum specimens and data dissemination. Dr. Axel Newton presented his research into characterising the development of the Tasmanian tiger through CT scanning of all known pouch young specimens of the now extinct marsupial species. A technique for scanning multiple micro-fossils at once from museum collections was presented by Rocio Aguilar. Garima Lakhanpal presented her Master’s research into the effect of bioturbation on groundwater flow, quantifying the location of worm galleries within sediments using micro-CT. Apoorv Jyoti presented results from his Ph.D. studies using dynamic core-flooding experiments and micro-CT scans of cores to model the reactive-transport of fluid and solutes through the pore space of rocks and validate the results against experimental outputs. Sam Pinches introduced a number of freeware tools for analysing micro-CT data that he has used over the course of his Ph.D. to produce segmentation and 3D rendering of data. The day was ended with a forum and a lab-tour and data show-and-tell with attendees getting a chance to discuss their scientific questions around the use of the technique and how it may be applied to their research questions. Overall, the workshop was a huge success at bringing scientists from various disciplines together to discuss the use of the micro-CT technique.